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Calculation of Exposure in dax

Hello every one 
I have Exposure formula in qlik which i have to convert in power BI, The expected outcome is not coming from dax formula.
Could you please guide me for this. 
 sum((RangeMax(0,RangeMin( (vPE_Date) - Policy_Effective_Date + 1, Policy_End_Date -Policy_Effective_Date + 1)))/((Policy_End_Date) - (Policy_Effective_Date) +1))

MM_Exposure2 =
var Sum1= Sumx(Premium, Premium[Pol_Date_Diff])
var Vpe_date = DATE(2021,3,31)
var Earned_Duration = MAX(0,Min( 1+(DATEDIFF(Vpe_date,Min(Premium[Policy_Effective_Date_Code]),DAY)),Sum1)) Return Sumx(Premium,1+(DATEDIFF(Min(PolEffective_Calendar[Policy_Effective_Date]),Vpe_date,DAY)))

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous 


I don't have experience with Qlik functions. Could you use some sample data and expected result to explain what this Qlik formula is calculating?


If I understand it correctly, you can create a new column with the following DAX code.

Column = 
var vPE_Date = DATE(2022,3,31)
var v_Duration_1 = DATEDIFF(Premium[Policy_Effective_Date], vPE_Date, DAY) + 1
var v_Duration_2 = DATEDIFF(Premium[Policy_Effective_Date], Premium[Policy_End_Date], DAY) + 1
DIVIDE(MAX(0, MIN(v_Duration_1, v_Duration_2)), v_Duration_2)



Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Jing
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Hi @v-jingzhang 
Thanks for reply
The Vpe_Date should be dynamic Date and Total formula values is   1.png

Picture2.pngPicture3.pngThese are calculated columns and the result of both is correct but total is not matching which is 991,409

Hi @Anonymous


Calculated columns cannot be dynamic. If the Vpe_Date should be dynamic, you need to use measures to get dynamic results. Do you use a slicer or filter to pick a dynamic Vpe_Date date?



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Ok @v-jingzhang if vpe_date is hardcoded then again the measure is not showing correct value.

Hi @Anonymous 


Can you please share some mock data and expected result based on it? Or can you help explain how to calculate the expected result with natural language and some example? Currently I still don't understand what the expected result should be. Maybe you want to calculate the duration days between all dates in a column and a dynamic vpe_date date, then sum up all duration days? 



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