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Calculating column/measure that is dependent on itself

I need help calculating starting/ending balances that are dependent on given inputs for the starting year, but use rates applied to previous year balances to form future year ending balances. Pasting in a table from excel, I am given column B's values and all of rows' 2, 3, and 8's values. My goal is to calculate 2023-2027 rows 5-7 and 9.


My PBI dataset has the years unpivoted so that I have one Year column instead of individual rows. I have tried to use a calculated column and measure, but I usually run into a circular reference because I cannot force the column/measure to calculate for each year and then use the previous year's value as a starting point. I would prefer to calculate inside the model using measures/columns, but can do a function in power query if needed.


2Units        2,159        3,991        4,176        3,907     13,655     10,523 
3Reserves        4,014        4,132     18,278     21,963     44,669     53,876 
4       Notes for calcs starting in year 2023
5Asset Beginning Balance$49,716$26,860$106,768$134,585$372,393$384,164=Previous Year Asset Ending Balance
6DD&A Rate$12.39$6.50$5.84$6.13$8.34$7.13=Current Year Asset Beg Balance/Current Year Reserves
7DD&A Expense$26,750$25,944$24,391$23,943$113,841$75,036=Current Year Units*Current Year DD&A Rate
8New Asset Addition$3,894$105,852$52,208$261,752$125,611$183,449Given
9Asset Ending Balance$26,860$106,768$134,585$372,393$384,164$492,577=CurrentYear Asset Beg Balance-Current Year DD&A Expense+Current Year New Asset Addition
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Share an MS Excel file with formulas so that your logic can be understood.  How did you arrive at 49,716 in cell B5?

Ashish Mathur

I edited my original post to say that I am given column B's (2022) values, so I know my starting point. I am having difficulties calculating Column C (2023) rows 6,7,9. I included the formulas in the notes column on the far right of the table.

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