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Calculating Finish Yield Attainment by comparing actual finished weight to calculated standard weigh

Okay, so here is my challenge.  I need to calculate the actual finished weight of a product (plu) vs the calcuated finished weight based on what it weighed prior to the process and the standard yield loss, i.e.


PLU 8311007   Actual Net Weight 1000LBS  (This is the product starting weight, pre-process)

Assumed Yield Loss through the process = 14%

PLU 8411007   Target Finished Weight =860LB (This is the target finished weight, 1000lbs reduced by 14%)

PLU 8411007  Actual Finished Weight = 790 Lbs  (Actual Finished Weight at end of process)

Acutal Yield Loss = 21%


I need to calculate the target finished weight for each plu code (prefix 83 as above) based on the weight in table and its requisite yield target (multiple different plus and target yields, the above is one example) and compare it to the net weight of the finished product (prefix 84 as above) and visualize this comparison to see if we are exceeding, meeting or failing to meet yield standards through our process.  I have attached a copy of my data representative of the data above.  I plan to have a seperate Excel file to upkeep the yield standards in.  Any help would be appreciated.



Community Support
Community Support



One sample for your reference. If it doesn't meet your requirement, kindly share your  excepted  result to me.


Target Finished Weight = SUM(Sheet1[NetWeight])*0.86
Acutal Yield Loss = DIVIDE((SUM(Sheet1[NetWeight])-SUM(Sheet1[AdditionalTare])),SUM(Sheet1[NetWeight]))



Community Support Team _ Frank
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Thank you for the response, however this is one step removed from what I need.  You have solved part of the equation but I need to filter specifically for entries under the "PLU" column that start with the prefix 83 or 84.  This is imporatant because the product flows in a linar fashion through my system and the comparison on yield loss is the 83 plu to the 84 plu.  For example in the data above there is an entry form 8411007, that product is one step beyond 8311007.  So what I am looking to compare is the net weight of 8311007 multiliped times the expected yield loss (12%) to the 8411007 actual net weight.  This will allow me to compare my assumed yield loss (target) to actual yield loss.  Any thoughts?

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