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Calculate Rank of a measure by a column which is not in scope

Hello All,


I have seen lots of blogs and videos where can create ranking of a measure with a column or multiple columns from the same table or from different tables.

But all those blogs and videos showed that, those fields should be present in the visual then only the ranking will be shown properly.

But is it possible to create rank of a measure based on a column which is present in table but not in visual.


I have two fields, one is customer and another one is customer group.


Now the customer group is created to group customers into Tier1 and Tier2.


Now in visual i am using Begin date, Customer and the total sales for each customer for all the weeks.



The ranking that i want to have for Total Sales measure as

Begin of WeekCustomerTotal SalesExpected RankingRule
03-01-2022C186155Part of Tier1 customegroup
10-01-2022C186155Part of Tier1 customegroup
17-01-2022C186155Part of Tier1 customegroup
24-01-2022C186155Part of Tier1 customegroup
31-01-2022C186155Part of Tier1 customegroup
03-01-2022C299184Part of Tier1 customegroup
10-01-2022C299184Part of Tier1 customegroup
17-01-2022C299184Part of Tier1 customegroup
24-01-2022C299184Part of Tier1 customegroup
31-01-2022C299184Part of Tier1 customegroup
03-01-2022C5103623Part of Tier1 customegroup
10-01-2022C5103623Part of Tier1 customegroup
17-01-2022C5103623Part of Tier1 customegroup
24-01-2022C5103623Part of Tier1 customegroup
31-01-2022C5103623Part of Tier1 customegroup
03-01-2022C9107815Part of Tier2 customegroup
10-01-2022C9107815Part of Tier2 customegroup
17-01-2022C9107815Part of Tier2 customegroup
24-01-2022C9107815Part of Tier2 customegroup
31-01-2022C9107815Part of Tier2 customegroup
03-01-2022C4108122Part of Tier1 customegroup
10-01-2022C4108122Part of Tier1 customegroup
17-01-2022C4108122Part of Tier1 customegroup
24-01-2022C4108122Part of Tier1 customegroup
31-01-2022C4108122Part of Tier1 customegroup
03-01-2022C3111441Part of Tier1 customegroup
10-01-2022C3111441Part of Tier1 customegroup
17-01-2022C3111441Part of Tier1 customegroup
24-01-2022C3111441Part of Tier1 customegroup
31-01-2022C3111441Part of Tier1 customegroup
03-01-2022C7115414Part of Tier2 customegroup
10-01-2022C7115414Part of Tier2 customegroup
17-01-2022C7115414Part of Tier2 customegroup
24-01-2022C7115414Part of Tier2 customegroup
31-01-2022C7115414Part of Tier2 customegroup
03-01-2022C10116093Part of Tier2 customegroup
10-01-2022C10116093Part of Tier2 customegroup
17-01-2022C10116093Part of Tier2 customegroup
24-01-2022C10116093Part of Tier2 customegroup
31-01-2022C10116093Part of Tier2 customegroup
03-01-2022C6119752Part of Tier2 customegroup
10-01-2022C6119752Part of Tier2 customegroup
17-01-2022C6119752Part of Tier2 customegroup
24-01-2022C6119752Part of Tier2 customegroup
31-01-2022C6119752Part of Tier2 customegroup
03-01-2022C8127561Part of Tier2 customegroup
10-01-2022C8127561Part of Tier2 customegroup
17-01-2022C8127561Part of Tier2 customegroup
24-01-2022C8127561Part of Tier2 customegroup
31-01-2022C8127561Part of Tier2 customegroup


I have created a measure which giving me right ranking for Tier2 added in visual but not when i remove it from the visual.



Top 5 = 

            'Table'[Total Sales],
            ALLEXCEPT('Table','Table'[Customer],'Table'[Customer Group])



Any help.

Mohan V.


Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , This what I have done with my data -

measure 1 -

Customer Net = CALCULATE([net], FILTER(ALLSELECTED(sales), Sales[Customer Id] = max(Sales[Customer Id])))


you can use allexcept(sales, customer[Name]) or allexcept(customer, customer[Name])


Then I created a rank


Customer Rank = calculate(RANKX(SUMMARIZE(allselected(sales), Customer[Name], 'Item'[Category]), [Customer Net],,DESC,Dense))


again you can use all if need all(sales)


What I got



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@amitchandak I request you to please have a look at the data.


The measures you gave are still not working.



Customer Net = CALCULATE('Table'[Total Sales], FILTER(ALLSELECTED('Table'), 'Table'[Customer] = max('Table'[Customer])))

Top 5 = 
calculate(RANKX(SUMMARIZE(allselected('Table'), 'Table'[Customer],'Table'[Customer Group] ), [Customer Net],,DESC,Dense))








My Question is can we create rank of a measure even if that column is not present in that visual.

Output that i am expecting is

Here I do not wish to have Customergroup column in my visual but still it sould give the ranking by considering customergroup and customers





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