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Resolver I
Resolver I

Burnup chart with variable scope line accross all sprint days

Hi All(),
I´ve seen this video (BI Ellite) on how to build an effective Burndown Chart. After some changes, I´ve set up what I think I had to build my own Burnup chart.

So, given the following Burnp chart already started in PowerBI:
BurnUp Chart 2.jpg
And these assumptions:
- Sprint starts on May 25th and ends on May 31th.

- 'Scope' means planned story points. If story points are added into the sprint at least 1 day after its start, the chart should display the increase/decrease in scope (the actual scope).
- 'Planned' stands for the total amount of actual story points scope divided for each sprint day. It is a measure of how many story points the team should get done every day
- 'Done' Is the actual pace.

To address the scope line I have this DAX Measure:

Burnup (Scope) =

VAR SprintStartDate = CALCULATE(FIRSTDATE(Table[Iteration Start Date]),ALLSELECTED(Table))
VAR SprintEndDate = CALCULATE(FIRSTDATE(Table[Iteration End Date]),ALLSELECTED(Table))
VAR DaysSinceStart = DATEDIFF(SprintStartDate, MAX(dCalendario[Date]),DAY)
VAR InitialScope = CALCULATE([Burnup InitialScope], ALLSELECTED(Table))
VAR ActualScope = CALCULATE([Burnup ActualScope], ALLSELECTED(Table))
VAR DiffScope = ActualScope - InitialScope
VAR SprintLength = CALCULATE([Total Sprint Days], ALLSELECTED(Table))-1

   MAX(dCalendario[Date]) >= SprintStartDate && MAX(dCalendario[Date]) <= SprintStartDate + SprintLength,
         DaysSinceStart = 0, InitialScope,
         InitialScope + DiffScope
The Problem:
Given the values for initial and actual scope I have to date:
Burnup chart scope dataBurnup chart scope data
The above table means in May,27th 29 story points were added into the sprint. So I want the grey line (scope) to show these values for each date:
25/05/2020 = 70 Ok
26/05/2020 = 70 instead of 99 that is being shown.
27/05/2020 = 99 Ok
28/05/2020 = 99 Ok
29/05/2020 = 99 Ok

According to the above list, how can I make this values to show properly? 

Resolver I
Resolver I

@v-gizhi-msft  would highly appreciate your comments on this

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