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Building a KPI Report with Power BI - i have some Problems with my Datasource

Hi Forum,


this is my first Post here, so if i do mistakes in the etiquette, please let me know.


I want to create a KPI Report which reports 15 KPIs from our Company. My goal is the following:


I want 1 Excel with 15 KPIs over 12 month with a target per month. Example:


My idea is, to put the data at the end of the month into the excel and select the month freely in the Power BI Report. 

But i dont know, how to build the Excel-format for this to work. Can anyone help me with it ? 
I think i can figure out the Visual part in Power BI but i have a lot of trouble to import the Data in the right format. I Managed to link my Excel from Sharepoint to Power BI, but the Data structure seems wrong.


Please feel free to ask questions since i dont know which information you need to help me.


Thanks a lot!



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My target would be a monthly Target. Im new to Power BI, so im also new to Power Query, so i dont know the way i have to take to make it work. Do you maybe have an example ? 

I would like to have 15 KPI´s listet like the following: 


I would like to see if the month target is reached, the last month performance in the diagram and also the monthly goal. Where should i start? How would my excel would have to look like? Is there an easier way ?


Thanks a lot!

Provide your sample data in its current format and then we'll figure out how to transform it into something usable.


If you are unsure how to do that please refer to


Super User
Super User

Is your target a yearly target?  Usually targets go into their own table, separate from the facts.


No need for any Excel formatting, you can do that all in Power Query.


You should unpivot your KPI columns for easier handling, but that is largely up to you. Would make the display much easier.

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