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Building a Google Adwords Query in Power BI

Hi Everyone,


I am building an AdWords query in Power BI. The query contains all the dimensions and metrics I am looking for, but when I add the "search query" dimension, the data changes. Before I add the "search query" dimension the value for my total cost is $7,635.08. After I add the search query dimension the value for my total cost becomes $3,669.80. Below is a before and after photo. The first photo is before the search query dimension is added. These values are accurate. The second photo is after the search query dimension is added. These values are not accurate. Any help or advice on this issue is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Joshua Cortigiano

before google search query dimension is added.PNG

after google search query dimension is added.PNG

Helper III
Helper III

Hi, since there’s no built-in connector for Google Ads to PBI anymore,  you would have to use another option. As a workaround, maybe you can use a 3rd party connector, it can save you a lot of time compared to the other options. I've tried, supermetrics and I stayed with windsor because it is much cheaper so just to let you know other options. In case you wonder, to make the connection first search for the Google Ads connector in the data sources list:




After that, just grant access to your Google Ads account using your credentials, then on preview and destination page you will see a preview of your Gads fields:




There just select the fields you need. Finally, just select PBI as your data destination and finally just copy and paste the url on PBI --> Get Data --> Web --> Paste the url. 



Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , need to check to join with the search query, is it many to many? Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.


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Hi @amitchandak ,


Here is the file without any sensitive data


I do not think I have a join with the search query because I was just trying to import the search query dimension into a preexisting keywords query as a column, to go along with the other columns, this way everything is in a single table.

@Anonymous , I do not see any table or column with the name search query in the file. am I missing something

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@amitchandak the path to the "search query" dimension is 

-Google Analytics Connector

   -owlcyberdefense|analytics account [4]




                             -Search Query

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@amitchandak no you are not missing anything, I do not have the "search query" column in the keywords table because it throws off the totals in the table visual. I did leave permissions enabled for the google analytics connector, in case you wanted to add the "search query" dimension to the keywords table from the AdWords folder in the google analytics connector.  Adding the "search query" dimension to the keywords table will cause the total values in the table visual to drop by about half

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