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Blank Visual Until Filter Selected

Hello Community,

Sincere thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer with the following.

This sample file containes two pages: "This Works", and "This Does Not Work" and each page contains one Slicer, and one Table.

The first page works exactly as expected:

  • Uses two tables in the model which have a One-to-Many relationship
    • Model-2.png
  • The Table visual is blank until at least one value is selected in the Slicer
  • The Table visual displays the correct rows depending on the values selected in the Slicer

The second page is not working as expected:

  • Uses three tables in the model, one of which is a bridge table
    • Model-1.png
  • The Table visual is blank until at least one value is selected in the Slicer
  • However, the Table visual displays all the rows regardless of the values selected in the Slicer

After many hours of research and trial/error I'm still stumped.

Again, thanks for any help!

Super User
Super User

There is an extra visual filter on the non-working page (in the 'case name' table visual) . Looks like you were testing it by adding the Is Keyword Filtered Measure .  That's the difference.

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Thanks for the reply.

The second Table Visual filter on each page is intentional and used to prevent any items from being displayed until a Slicer selection is made.

But on the non-working page, all rows are displayed when a Slicer value is selected instead of only rows that match the Slicer selection(s).

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