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Helper I
Helper I

Automated Dashboard for TV view - Looking for best practices

Dear Power BI folks,


I have a Dashboard in Power BI, information source comes from Oracle (soon IT will develop an instant link for the information get updated every 20 seconds).


I wish to present the dashboard in a television, so the whole department sees the updated information (we call it "Management on sight"). Note that it must be refreshed constantly.


Can I prepare a TV/Projector + notebook that is on with full screen mode, pinned with "Real time" sync? I think I can. Does it allow me to change the Dashboard Tabs from time to time (like 2 minutes on each tab)?


Those are ways I thought it could work. I need your feedback, any best practices. My goal is to have it shown in a TV for the team.


Thanks a lot, as usual.

Super User
Super User

Hi @germanobasler


What you could do is to use the following App in Google Chrome will enable you to scroll through the different tabs 


It does give you the functionality to be able to pause on each tab for a determined amount of time, as well as refreshing on the load of each tab, which will work for your scenario.

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Power BI Blog

Hello @GilbertQ,


Actually I related the Power BI tabs, the other "pages" of the dashboards. The Google Chrome would stay in the same tab always, but the Power BI should shift pages.


But if I cannot change pages, it is not a problem, as long as I can just have one single page showing in TV in a way it refreshes itself constantly.


Hi @germanobasler


If I understand you correctly, what you could do is in each tab have a different report sheet open. 


If you want to find each URL, if you click on your first sheet and look in the URL you will see that it will have the URL with ReportSection1 at the end of the URL. Then if you click onto another sheet in the same report, at the end of the URL it will then have ReportSection2 etc.

So you can actually ensure that you can go directly to individual sheets in one report.

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Power BI Blog

gestao PBI.JPG


Hello @GilbertQ, that´s what I mean.


I prepared a dashboard in Power BI Desktop and Published to the web. So in the Web Browser I can select it and have it shown in a Television. I wish to have it in the TV for the whole team to watch their results as they work. 


Just for a summary on the department: I work in a Supply Chain team, so there are a team of many Buyers, who constantly quote the market and create Purchase Orders, which can be measured. The information is ready, I just want to show their results online in the television.


I think Power BI can solve my need, I just have to figure it out how to use this tool to its full potential.


thanks a lot for your time.

Hi @germanobasler


That is perfect when you click on each one of the sheets in the Power BI Service, it will have a unique URL that you can use with the Chrome Revolver.


And that should work out very well to show the Supply chain their metrics.

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Power BI Blog



Correct, this Revolver feature may perfectly solve the final end of this project, you are absolutely correct.


I think now what we have to figure out is how to keep the Web-link of the dashboard in Power BI to constantly refresh it self every now and then. 



Hi @germanobasler


It does say in the Revolver Chome App, that you can configure it to refresh on each tab load.

So what you could do is have 4 tabs open, which it will revolve through going from tab 1 to tab 4.

And then when each tab loads, you can get it to refresh the page on each tab load.

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Power BI Blog

@germanobasler please be aware that, unless your company is using the new Power BI Premium dedicated capacity for publishing, this will violate the license agreement.  What you are trying to do is the exact definition of multiplexing which is not allowed with the original licensing model.



I need a solution. My goal is to present two or three clocks and KPIs of the Team in a screen, so we can drive productivity.


Microsoft sold us this product, all the people "consuming" this information will have a license to use in their computer. But if I cannot present it anyways to this very specific public, maybe it is not the correct product to suit our company need. So please assist me to the strictly abide the license.

If everyone has a pro license than you are fine.  If your team did not have licenses (other than you) AND no Premium capacity, it would be a violation.

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