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Power BI Team
Power BI Team

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (Preview) Discussion

Since we announced ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (Preview), we've been getting a lot of great questions and positive feedback.


Let's use this thread for a discussion of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, including any issues you might encounter when using the feature.


You can now use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI feature in the September release of Power BI Desktop. Remeber to enable it in the options menu.


You can find documentation here:


Some have asked for features:


A) Sign in to ArcGIS Online; it's on the road map ... vote for this idea to keep updated

B) Shapefile support ... use the ShapeMap visual


Known Issues:

Starting Monday 2/14/2017 you may receive an error when opening Power BI desktop when you have enabled ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (preview).  Please review this thread for further details. The workaround for this issue is documented here.

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Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

The ArcGIS Maps has me very excited for all the different ways that we can use it.

I can't wait to see this visual progress from preview into a full launch. To echo something that was said before me, I think a legend should be an option to be included on the visual.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

One other item that seems to be missing is that there does not seem to be any way to do a map legend. Am I missing somthing?


In terms of the shape map visual this is a very useful tool but the limiting factor is that there is not the option to be able to project this custom polygons over a map. Hopefully the Arc map visual will be able to address this.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Great to hear that this will improve. I think it has huge potential and brings together two systems that we have a big investment in. The error that I was getting has been sent as a frown on the system so I hope to hear back on that one. It is a large file with confidential information so I am not able to post it here.


The limitations with the tool tips not showing outside the map window is a big one for me so hopefully that can be fixed soon. This is the largest reason for not using this visual at this stage. Also being able to add more into Tooltips would be great.


I have not been able to find maps that are in Living Atlas so if that is possible it would be good to know how. Here is an example of a Living Atlas map that I can not find in Power BI -


Access to maps that we make public is a good start but far less than ideal. I hope that we will see progress on this one soon.


At the moment you do not seem to be able to tie data into fields in the reference layer map. For example use the ABS SSC code in the reference layer map to be able to show SSC level data. Is this a feature that is coming?


Also being able to do filled maps would be a great feature. Currently the filled map feature does not work as Bing does not have Australian suburb pollygons so being able to do it within the Arc map based on the reference layer would be ideal.

Not applicable

Hi there
I followed the tutorial but on Power BI service I don't see an option to tick on ArcGIS in settings.

Do I need to do something extra for powerbi service for arcgis? E.g. Further configuration etc..?

Thank you

The capability is not yet available in the service. We're working to provide this as soon as we can.

is it available on service now ?

yes its available

I worked with GIS couple of years is really exiting knowing that we can integrate with Power BI.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

The ArcMaps Visual has a lot of potential but at the moment it is a little disapointing and still has a number of issues. Here are my major issue with it at this stage.


Not being able to add any Tooltips in limiting compared to using the standard maps.


The Tooltips that do come up do not extend past the Visual window as they do on standard maps. This means that a lot of my Tooltips can not be read by the user. This is a major negative for me.


When selecting colour and size map theme and adjusting the colour in the Symbol Styles the colours seem to get confused at times and there are a lot more colours coming up than there should be.


When using the Select Multiple Locations tool on the map my existing visuals show an error and state - Condn't load the data for this visual - We couldn't display the visual because a measure is used in cross highlighting. Please remove the measure or cross highlight.

I assume that this is somthing that I have done in correctly but not sure what. Any assistance with this would be apreciated.


Also it would be great if we could use maps that we have created in Arc as the reference layer maps.


I think this Visual has huge potential but it is not there yet and at this stage I am choosing to continue to use the existing mapping Visuals despite being excited when this was anounced.


Hopefully they will iron some of these issues out as the tool progresses through the preciew phase. Certainly lots of potential.







Hey David @dcresp- Scott from the Esri team here. I echo the comments from Lukasz, and I want to reiterate that you CAN use layers that you've created in ArcGIS as the reference layer in your map. In order for them to show up in Power BI they need to be published as feature services and shared with everyone on ArcGIS Online.


Thanks for sharing your feedback, it definitely will be useful as we move forward with the development of this visual!

Thanks David (@dcresp) for the comments. As Art Haddad said, there's more to come. There are a bunch of things the team is working on and will address in subsequent builds of the visual. So check back frequently. For feature requests, please put them on


That being said....


For the issue related to cross highlighting, could you start another thread, and include your Power BI Desktop file? We'd like to look into that.


For ArcGIS reference maps: today you can use public layers from ArcGIS Online or layers in Living Atlas. We plan to bring the ability to sign-in to an ArcGIS account, it's on the roadmap, but too early to talk timelines.  Vote for this idea to be updated once this capability is available.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

I haven't tested it yet, but you highlighted somethign very important.

 "Also it would be great if we could use maps that we have created in Arc as the reference layer maps"


I assumed it could do that. Let's hope that the Power BI team add that functionality while it is still in Preview.


I was hoping that other Shapefiles such as MapInfo would have been supported.




New Member

Hi all, would ArcGis be available on PowerBI Desktop and if so how to get it? thanks. Qui


Resolver I
Resolver I

Pretty cool! Looking forward to this. Assuming this would be for the release on October?

Frequent Visitor

Looks like exciting stuff!   I'm not seeing ArcGIS in my Preview Features options - is this being rolled out to users in any particular order?

Just guessing that this will be in the September update to Desktop, which I imagine will be released today or in the next couple of days. If I have missed it, let me know!

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Requsting your thoughts .. I have created a map in PowerBi Desktop. Published the same via the PowerBi service ...

I am part of Power Bi Pro trial user.

The map does not display. but it does display in Power Bi Desktop.

Just checking if u have had is issue and solved the same?




It's not yet available in the service, only in desktop.

Ohhh >.. I have just got someone on the forum able to display the same within Service?



I just tested it and doesn't display so I assume it's not yet available.

Search Austraila Maps - Reply from JerryLiSearch Austraila Maps - Reply from JerryLicheck out JerryLi post.


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