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Applying filter on the basis of two Dimension tables in fact table with logical OR condition

Hi Experts, 


I have a requirement where i have to filter the reports on the basis of two dimensions with OR condition. The table descriptions are in the attached image and the filter to apply in the report is Dim_Table_1.year>=2014 or Dim_Table_2.Year>=2015.    


Table Design.JPG

Community Support
Community Support

Hi anandtiwari,


Based on your description, you want to use [YEAR] columns in two Dim tables to filter the Fact_table, right?

You can create a measure in Fact table using DAX below:

Measure = CALCULATE(aggregation, FILTER(Fact_Table, RELATED(Dim_Table_1[YEAR]) >= 2014 || RELATED(Dim_Table_2[YEAR]) >= 2015))



Jimmy Tao

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Thank you for this suggestion Jimmy, Now the requirement is User needs to enter the Year value as parameters. It is like : 


Param_1 = 2014, Param_2 =2015


Measure = CALCULATE(aggregation, FILTER(Fact_Table, RELATED(Dim_Table_1[YEAR]) >= Param1 || RELATED(Dim_Table_2[YEAR]) >= Param2)) 


Will you guide if the same works in Power BI,If yes how we can achieve this. I am using Direct query to connect to Data Source. 

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