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Helper III
Helper III

Amending specific rows



I have a table with some data and two helper tables; one with date and one with site names. 


I have created a simple visual that shows if a location (rows) sent a report on a given week (columns) as per below.  (I can show you the site names as they show actual address of the store).  


It is using simple if statement as per below:

!Report Check2 = if(and(sum(data[.Var1])=blank(),sum(data[.var2])=blank()),"N","Y")
The problem is some sites only opened at week 7, and its unfair to show them as "N" for the weeks we have no data for them. How do I go about changing the "N" into "N/A" for those sites? Maybe creating another table with sitenames and a date when it was open, but I can't think of a way to then use it with the if statement. 




Helper III
Helper III

Any ideas or do you need more info?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @misiek5510 


I think information provided is not enough. Can you upload a .pbix file with dummy data and clear explanation of issue and business logic applied. 


You say some sites opened at week 7, what it meant to the reader here? clear pretext needed.



If a site opened at week 7 it basically means it opened from 13/02/23-19/02/23 and the report should show N/A for all the weeks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, but from 8 onwards it should use Y or N. 


This is the logics 


= If(Site_Open_date[date]<shared_dates[date],"N/A", if(and(sum(data[.Var1])=blank(),sum(data[.var2])=blank()),"N","Y") .

The formula in red is what I'm trying to implement, however I can't use date columns in a measure..

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