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Align visualizations on the report page

um unable to place viuallizations horizontally or vertically in a way that they start from same level on the page in the report. I mean um struggling to place a visualization just besid a visualization with same size. Is there any easy way to do it....?? (like can i get any suggestion/leader lines when i try to place a visualization besides another...!!!Smiley Happy


@Anonymous A couple other tricks I use to place visuals exactly where I want them are as follows:

1) Create a line shape, extend it horizontally or vertically to make sure all visuals are lined up. (Delete when done)

2) On the left and right sides, I create a rectangle shape and extend it vertically to make sure I have the same distance on either side of the report to the first visuals. (Delete when done)

3) Use the new "nudge" feature. When you ge the placement of the visual close to the place that you want it, use your arrow keys to move the visual in very small increments to get it exactly placed. (requires the latest Desktop update)

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Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

You have two options for alignment.  The first is entering coordinates in the General section of each visualization:




The other is using the Align and Distribute features in the Format tab:



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Resolver I
Resolver I

There is an Align tool on the Format ribbon in Power BI Desktop - will that work for you?



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