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Resolver I
Resolver I

Aggregation Model Date Dimension Help

I have created an aggregation model where I have a Direct Query for my detailed data and an import for month/year data.


Currently I have 2 date dimensions due to this.  One by date level and one by month/quarter/year.  In order for users to hit the aggregation they need to use the month/quarter/year one.  


How can I make it so the users only see one date table and still hit aggregations when they use month/quarter/year from that table?


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Clampazzo ,

By aggregation model, do you mean what is described in this document?
User-defined aggregations - Power BI | Microsoft Learn
If you can, could you please provide me with sample data for these two tables so I can do a test, thanks!

Best Regards,
Dino Tao

Resolver I
Resolver I

i found this link and attempted #2 and yet that isn't working.  I have manage aggregations pointing to the direct query for that and have joined the new field on the id of the date table.  Yet it's not finding the aggregation.

UPdate, method #2 sort of works.  In that the aggregation is now being followed.  However, if I drill down and try to do this by date and count # of tickets it summarizes everything onto the first of the month.  If I add a detail column it gives me a million record exceeding error.  Which seems due to RLS being performed.  I'm assumign the RLS being performed later in the process is causing me problems.

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