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Adding an Or Slicer

I am new to PowerBI/DAX. That being said I have tried this multiple ways. To start, I have a list of cars that have a type and a trim. I am trying to filter data basd on type and trim or a different type. I have created two calculated tables model, and model2 with the following:



model = DISTINCT('test_data (2)'[Model_Type])


Same for trim:



trim = DISTINCT('test_data (2)'[Car_Type_Trim_Level])



This has given me a disconnected filter so to speak to potentially let me write some code vs using the native filter feature. I can also select more than one model this way. To show the entire thing I created a visual which shows from 0% to 100% that % of cars that are electric:




To do this I created a measure using the following:



Percentage = 
VAR _sumofpervalue = 
    COUNTA('test_data (2)'[Fuel_Type]), 
    ALLSELECTED('test_data (2)'[Fuel_Type]), 
    (('test_data (2)'[Fuel_Type]=SELECTEDVALUE('test_data (2)'[Fuel_Type])) && ('test_data (2)'[Model_Type] IN (ALLSELECTED('model'))) && ('test_data (2)'[Car_Type_Trim_Level] IN (ALLSELECTED('trim'[Car_Type_Trim_Level]))))
VAR _sumofallvalues = CALCULATE(COUNTA('test_data (2)'[Fuel_Type]), ALLSELECTED('test_data (2)'[Fuel_Type]), KEEPFILTERS('test_data (2)'[Model_Type] IN (ALLSELECTED('model'[Model_Type]))), KEEPFILTERS('test_data (2)'[Car_Type_Trim_Level] IN (ALLSELECTED('trim'[Car_Type_Trim_Level]))))
    DIVIDE(_sumofpervalue, _sumofallvalues)


This code works for filtering based on the tables created above based on slicers for those tables. It does not include the OR for a second model. I have attempted to go about this a couple of different ways. The most promising was using a union for model1 and model2 allselected. The issue is that if nothing is selected for model2 then everything is. I went down a rabbit hole of making a slicer that defaults to non selected using a parameter, but kind of gave up on that. I tried using IF isfiltered, but eventually figured out IF cannot return a table. I have gone down a rabbit hole of attempting to utilize a measure based on the slicers, and probably just do not know enough about how measures aggregate to figure it out. I have started using DAX just for a silly competition, so I have two days of experience. Please go easy on my code lol. Any assistance to solve would be much appreciated.

Super User
Super User

1. Don't use slicers. Use the filter pane. The Advanced filtering gives you more flexibility.

2. For more exotic OR conditions create a measure that you can then use as a filter on your visual.

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