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404 Error




When I attempt to publish my report to online...I get back from server 404 error...

Please where is the problem? Thank you, Lukas




(In Power BI Desktop (last version) reports looks fine).

New Member

Hello and I appreciate your responses.


Its probable, that the case is connect with size of file??

When I try publishing file, which has size is aprox. 3 MB everything is OK, when i use same file (with data) aprox 46 MB.. then I get 404 Error..


I test it in Power BI Pro account.


Thank you


Hi lukasv,


Could you please share more information regarding teh Account you used in Power BI?

What is your current situation?

In addition to enable the tracing log in Power BI desktop, please also try the following steps:

1.Save this PBIX file first, then open a new Power BI desktop session and connect to the same data source, publish it again to check.

2. Take a try with a repair install of Power BI desktop.

If issue still insists, please upload us the tracing log into OneDrive and post the shared link here.

3. You may also take a network trace with Fiddler tool.

Fiddler Web Debugger Tool




tracing log here:!AvbphFwwqEdagd0ntEou7RW56uupQA


Thank you, Lukas

Super User
Super User

I would recommend turning on Tracing, File | Options and settings | Options | Diagnostics. Then try it again and then send a "frowny face" to support and include screen shot and trace log.

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