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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

how to apply two and conditions in power bi

 i have two  two date measure one for previous value and another for Next value 


Measure 1 : 

Measure = EOMONTH([Date],-3)
Measure 2 :
Measure Next = EOMONTH([Date],+5)
showing value previous and next  month
Up time = CALCULATE(
DIVIDE([calc op per day],[calc op per day manne]),
AND('PA - E2PR'[Effective Date] < [Date],'PA - E2PR'[Effective Date] >= Measuress[Measure])))
how to use measure 2 in uptime . i am trying to getting Error . i want to use two measure in uptime measure . any idea thanks in advance 
Solution Sage
Solution Sage



I think it would be reasonable to show what the error is, don't you think? On top of that, why are you calling a measure 'Measure'? Does this convey any meaning in your model? By the way, is it at all possible to call a measure 'Measure' and get away with it? On another note, why are you filtering a full table in CALCULATE? Do you know that it's Bad Practice and will slow the formula down? Even worse, there are contexts in which this formula will return incorrect figures. No, it's not a joke. I've seen this happen. If you need to filter, you should always filter by the smallest number of columns that will do the job. This is one of the golden rules of DAX programming... Also, are you aware that if you put a measure in the boolean expression under FILTER, context transition will be applied to the measure? Measures, incidentally, should never be preceded with the name of the table they reside in. Columns, on the other hand, should always be. Another rule in DAX.

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