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dax measures for calculating dates

Hello All


I am trying to calculate remaining kms that are allowed for using rented car, for example nissan sunny started the rent on 9 oct 2023, and monthly allowance is 2500 km, so by february i have an allowance of 12500 km, so when i dont select year/months my calculation is giving wrong remaining kms

But when am selecting months/year, everything is correct, as shown in snapshot, can anyone tell me what am doing wrong in dax measure


monthly used.pngmonthly_filtered.png


Your calendar table is incomplete





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hello thanks for reply This is my pbi file!As-fix_XbK9zhHfGq-OLEKAkwxFp?e=Ev6G6h 

Basically what am trying to do is to calculate monthly km used and monthly fuel consumed for this period

For example Nissan sunny rent started on 9 october 2023, and every month on 9th day rent is paid, also allowed kms per months are 2500 km

So from 9 october till 9 november this is 1 months of rental, so on 9th of November I record how many km used, also I have a table for fuel consumption each type I refuel the car with how many liters

So what I want basically for each months to see the km used , but as I record on 9 november, this actually are October kms used as from 9 october to 9 november car was used

And remaining km are “allowed km-km used”

Also how I can write a dax to calculate fuel from 9 october till 9 november?

Also how on my table for november sum of km used should be actually october, how to do that?

Or should i initially change my table?

car_allowance table.pngreport.png


Your calendar table is incomplete





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