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What-If Paramater is not inclouded in Total of Column

Hi Everyone, 


I hade made 2 What if Paramater.

1. is a Number which should show a monthly minimum fee

2. is a percentage, which will calculate a Kommission based on a dataset.


If the Kommission is lower than the minimum fee, the minimum fee should be take in calculation, if not use the Kommission:




So the IF- Paramater in "Minimum or Online Kommission" is:

Minimum or Online Kommission = IF([0001 Calculated Online Kommission]<'0003 Minimum Fee'[Fix Amount-Wert],[Fix Amount-Wert],[0001 Calculated Online Kommission])
So in May, the online Kommission is smaller and correltcy he shows the 1000,- Euro Minimum Fee in the right Column, but not updated the total on the buttom. Which also leads in the result, that it doesnt calculate with this What if at all.... Any Ideas or do i understant ssomething completely wrong here?

Thanks for any help-.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @NicolasD 


It looks like you are calculating column ( columns are not dynamic and will execute only on a load of the model ), if you want to have a dynamic output then create a measure.


Best Regards,

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Hi @MariusC ,


all Columns you see are actually Meassures.

The Issue is only, that it doesn't or include the Meassures correctly in a caclulation. 




0001 Calculated Online Kommission =
[Active Resa] * '0002 Online Kommission'[Variable-Wert]
Minimum or Online Kommission = IF([0001 Calculated Online Kommission]<'0003 Minimum Fee'[Fix Amount-Wert],[Fix Amount-Wert],'0002 Online Kommission'[Variable-Wert])
Summe of New Invoice = IF([0001 Calculated Online Kommission]<'0003 Minimum Fee'[Fix Amount-Wert], [Fix Amount-Wert], [Active Resa] * '0002 Online Kommission'[Variable-Wert])
So what Meassure must i create to get a correct Total of Summe of New Invoice?
The 1000 in May is also defined as number, it exchanged the value correctly but meassure then with the Value from May in 0001 Calculated Online Kommission instead of the 1000,- Euro? and i don't understand why...;(

Thank you

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