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Helper V
Helper V

Values of latest date when two dates selected


My table is like that


Date              Value

January          20

February          30



when i select only february or January the value is 30 or 20

but when i select two or more month i want the result not to be 50

i want the result to be 30 (the latest value off the dates selected

is it possible?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

For the original question, you just right click in Sales field of Card and choose Maximum. That's all. 

Screenshot 2016-11-29 23.18.57.png


And for the additional question, you could try below expression:


Calculated Measure - Good Sales (%) = Divide(calculate(sum(Amount[Good Sales])),calculate(sum(Amount[Sales])))

Screenshot 2016-11-29 23.26.03.png

Community Champion
Community Champion

Yes, You can do that by explicily specifying the filter in the calcualte function. for this case,


Feb Only:=CALCULATE(SUM(Table(Value)), Table[Date]= "February")


There are many other ways you an write this expression. 

Providing Sample data will help us to give you a specific suggestion.

Thanks & Regards,

Love the Self Service BI.
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I am attaching a sample pbix

In this example i have two tables (Dates and Amount)

Slicer has the dates and a Card has the Amounts

If i select january it show 20 but if i select february and march i dont want to show 70 but 40 (the sales of the last month)



Also i have another question

Table Amount has branches with areas

Each branch has Sales and Good Sales Column

So i created a new column which is Good Sales/ Sales  (% of good sales)

When i group by area (sheet good sales) is there any way to show the % of good sales for area

Right now Bi calculates the sum. I want to show the weighted average


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