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Helper I
Helper I

Trying to group calendar dates into months but they keep repeating

I have a table where I'm trying to have a line chart by month.  The source table has a date and a month, but the month is sorted alphabetically and it won't allow me to sort column based on the date.  So I tried creating various formulas to extract the month and year which looks fine, but when I add to the chart it adds an instance for every day of the month.   For example, there are 30 instances of 'April-23', one for each day.  I feel like I'm missing something simple here...

Resolver I
Resolver I

Create a Date Table and a relationship between your source table date column and the new date table date column. This will allow for grouping of months. 

Date = 
//************** Script developed by RADACAD - edition: July 2021 
//************** set the variables below for your custom date table setting 
var _fromYear=2021 // set the start year of the date dimension. dates start from 1st of January of this year
var _toYear=2022   // set the end year of the date dimension. dates end at 31st of December of this year
var _startOfFiscalYear=7 // set the month number that is start of the financial year. example; if fiscal year start is July, value is 7
var _today=TODAY()
"Start of Year",DATE( YEAR([Date]),1,1),
"End of Year",DATE( YEAR([Date]),12,31),
"Start of Month",DATE( YEAR([Date]), MONTH([Date]), 1),
"End of Month",EOMONTH([Date],0),
"Days in Month",DATEDIFF(DATE( YEAR([Date]), MONTH([Date]), 1),EOMONTH([Date],0),DAY)+1,
"Year Month Number",INT(FORMAT([Date],"YYYYMM")),
"Year Month Name",FORMAT([Date],"YYYY-MMM"),
"Day Name",FORMAT([Date],"DDDD"),
"Day Name Short",FORMAT([Date],"DDD"),
"Day of Week",WEEKDAY([Date]),
"Day of Year",DATEDIFF(DATE( YEAR([Date]), 1, 1),[Date],DAY)+1,
"Month Name",FORMAT([Date],"MMMM"),
"Month Name Short",FORMAT([Date],"MMM"),
"Quarter Name","Q"&FORMAT([Date],"Q"),
"Year Quarter Number",INT(FORMAT([Date],"YYYYQ")),
"Year Quarter Name",FORMAT([Date],"YYYY")&" Q"&FORMAT([Date],"Q"),
"Start of Quarter",DATE( YEAR([Date]), (QUARTER([Date])*3)-2, 1),
"End of Quarter",EOMONTH(DATE( YEAR([Date]), QUARTER([Date])*3, 1),0),
"Week of Year",WEEKNUM([Date]),
"Start of Week", [Date]-WEEKDAY([Date])+1,
"End of Week",[Date]+7-WEEKDAY([Date]),
"Fiscal Year",if(_startOfFiscalYear=1,YEAR([Date]),YEAR([Date])+ QUOTIENT(MONTH([Date])+ (13-_startOfFiscalYear),13)),
"Fiscal Quarter",QUARTER( DATE( YEAR([Date]),MOD( MONTH([Date])+ (13-_startOfFiscalYear) -1 ,12) +1,1) ),
"Fiscal Month",MOD( MONTH([Date])+ (13-_startOfFiscalYear) -1 ,12) +1,
"Day Offset",DATEDIFF(_today,[Date],DAY),
"Month Offset",DATEDIFF(_today,[Date],MONTH),
"Quarter Offset",DATEDIFF(_today,[Date],QUARTER),
"Year Offset",DATEDIFF(_today,[Date],YEAR)




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