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Translate to arabic by calculated column based on another table



I have table dim_language contain two rows:


Lang_Key        Lang_Name


     1                  English 

     2                  Arabic


In another table dim_field (without relationship with the first dim_language)  i have the next columns:


Field_Name_key      Field_name_English        Field_Name_arabic

    1                                 math                          ?????

    2                                 english                       !!!!

    3                                  history                       ######


I created the next measure:

Lang_Flag = if(calculate (SELECTEDVALUE(Dim_Language[Lang_Key])) =11, 2)
then I created the next calulated column in dim_Field:
Field_Name_Dynamic = if([Lang_Flag] ==1, dim_Field[Field_name_English] , dim_Field[Field_Name_arabic])
for the change the displayed contect in the report.
I want every the value of Lang_Flag is changed the contect in  Field_Name_Dynamic  as well.
The result show that the value of meature is changeed by the change slicer, but the contect from Field_Name_Dynamic is not.
How I fix the Problem ?
Thanks, Barak
Super User
Super User

Hi @barak_power_bi 

calculated columns do not interact with the filter context. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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