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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Slicer selected value bars shouldn’t appear in chart

 i have data based on week wise  here my   i want hide slicer  selected values 


DatePA = DISTINCT((VALUES('Append1'[Week Date])))
month no 2 = FORMAT(DatePA[Week Date],"yymm")
monthno = FORMAT(DatePA[Week Date],"yymm")
final column for slicer 

WEEK = var a = DATE(2020,08,03)
var b = IF(DatePA[Week Date] = a,"Outbound GLOBAL",IF(DatePA[Week Date]<>BLANK(),"Outbound" & DatePA[Week Date]))
return b
 if i select july month july bar houldn’t appear 
i am using three values for column chart 
Uptime : 
Up time = CALCULATE(
DIVIDE([calc op per day],[calc op per day manne]),
FILTER('PA - E2PR',AND('PA - E2PR'[Year] = MAX(calender[Year]),'PA - E2PR'[Week Date]=MAX(DatePA[Week Date]))))
Uptime MINT Average =
var a = SELECTEDVALUE(DatePA[monthno])
var yearend = ENDOFYEAR(calender[Date])
var result = IF(MAX('combine effective date'[month no])>=a && MAX('combine effective date'[Effective Date])<=yearend,[Increase in Average],BLANK())
return result
Weight MINT = var a = DATE(YEAR(MAX(DatePA[Week Date])),MONTH(MAX(DatePA[Week Date])),DAY(2))
var b = DATE(YEAR(a),MONTH(a)-1,DAY(a))
var c = DATE(YEAR(a),MONTH(a)-2,DAY(a))
var d = DATE(YEAR(a),MONTH(a)-3,DAY(a))
return IF(MONTH(MAX('Append1'[Effective Date]))&YEAR(MAX('Append1'[Effective Date])) = MONTH(b)&YEAR(b),0.5,IF(MONTH(MAX('Append1'[Effective Date]))&YEAR(MAX('Append1'[Effective Date])) = MONTH(c)&YEAR(c),0.3,IF(MONTH(MAX('Append1'[Effective Date]))&YEAR(MAX('Append1'[Effective Date])) = MONTH(d)&YEAR(d),0.2,BLANK())))


also if i select july month  previous thre month only apperar  April,May.June . 


any idea thanks in advance 


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