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I'm currently working on a table in desktop that needs the negative numbers to be sorted properly. I formatted the numbers to have units behind them so the column looks something like this:

-11 bps

-13 bps

-14 bps

-29 bps

-6 bps


I want it to look like this:







I realize that PBI is seeing these numbers as text. How can I fix this? I was able to use this DAX to sort all the other numbers without negatives and it worked but the negative values are giving me issues.


GM% = IF(ISCROSSFILTERED('Parameter'[calculations]),
     VALUES ( 'Parameter'[calculations] ) = "YoY%", SWITCH( TRUE(),
       ([GM% bps]) < 0, FORMAT ( [GM% bps], " 0 bps"),
      ([GM% bps]) < 10, FORMAT ( [GM% bps], " 0 bps"),
      ([GM% bps]) < 100, FORMAT ( [GM% bps], " 0 bps"),
       FORMAT ( [GM% bps], "0 bps")
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This is how you do such things properly:

You handle this through custom number formats.

Unfortunately the video does not pertain to my dilemma. I attempted but nothing worked


My requirements are to CONCAT "bps" to the numbers so they come out like:


-1  bps

-11 bps

-2 bps

-222 bps

-3 bps


Because of the addition of the "bps" it seems PBI does not know how to sort the numbers in order. 

Super User
Super User

@cuohanele , create a number column by removing " bps"


in power query

New col =Text.Remove([Column]," bps")


sort the original column on new column

Cant. The values were created using a calculated measure so in power query, you do not see that column to manipulate

Super User
Super User

@cuohanele - If this is a column you could use a Sort By column and just make sure it is numeric and just the number portion.

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