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Helper I
Helper I

Repeat case totals for each month from Open Date to End Date



The task here is to create a graph which shows the period of time a case was opened until closure (if not Closed, then default current date).


For example, Case # 10 was opened in February and is still open, so I have made an End Date calculation to show that if there is no Closed Date, then to default to current date.  


The graph needs to represent this data as follows:-





So a value of 1 for each month the case has been opened until closure (End Date).


Have attached a test workbook.

Edit: Actually, not sure how to attach workbook.


Many thanks in advance for any pointers and advice. 🙂

Super User
Super User

Hi @Power_It_Up 

You can write a dax formula like below to get the output you require.



I attach a pbix file as an example.  

Hi @DataNinja777 and many thanks for your reply and test sample.


Nearly there.  Two examples....


1) Case #7 was opened in March and closed in April.  I would expect to see a bar for both March AND April with a count of 1 in each:



2) Case #10 was opened in March and is still open, so the below is spot-on:-




So it seems that with closed cases, it only plots for the month the case was open.


Many thanks again! 🙂




Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hello @Power_It_Up 

Please provide a sample anonymized dataset. Need to understand the data model to form an appropriate solution


Best Regards,

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@quantumudit Many thanks for your reply.  I can't seem to attach a workbook, so couldn't provide any sample data and only by screenshot. 🙂

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