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Parameter Year in Virtual Table

Hello everybody
I have a table with some values ​​to display in a Segmentor and another table with some objective values.
Depending on the selected year, only the values ​​that appear in the T_Objective will be shown and if there is no record for that year, all the records of the T_DiasCierre are shown.
That seems to more or less work for me.
I have the problem when trying to retrieve the value of the year (SELECTEDVALUE(Calendar[Date].[Year])) that does not retrieve any value.


finalCalc =

var anno = SELECTEDVALUE(Calendario[Date].[Año])

VAR _Filtered =

    CALCULATE(SUM(T_Objetivo[VALOR]),T_Objetivo[AÑO] = anno && T_Objetivo[AMBITO] = "USER" && T_Objetivo[INDICADOR] = "CLOSED" )

VAR calculo =    


        GROUPBY (



            "Valor", SUMX ( CURRENTGROUP (), [Valor] )


        "Activo", IF(ISBLANK( _Filtered), 1,IF ( [Valor] = _Filtered, 1 ))

        ,"ANNO", SELECTEDVALUE(Calendario[Date].[Año])



return calculo




What can I do to solve this problem ?
I will appreciate your help 


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @GCM_9 usually SELECTEDVALUE is consumed when on slicer user choose some values (like specific year). It could be that on dashboard you did not do something like this so no values is retrived from slicer.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I have a filter with the different years that we can select.
The year that we select is the one that I want to pass as a filter parameter
I'm trying to get it back   SELECTEDVALUE(Calendario[Date].[Año])  but this not retrieve any value
Also tried with   SELECTEDVALUE(Calendario[Date].[Año],MAX(CALENDARIO[año])) with the same result (NULL)

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @GCM_9  try in your  finalCalc part for

   ,"ANNO", SELECTEDVALUE(Calendario[Date].[Año])

to put

,"ANNO", anno 

as you already have variable

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hi @some_bih
     var anno = SELECTEDVALUE(Calendario[Date].[Año])    not retrieve any value
"ANNO", anno ===> NULL
I need retrieve [year] value so apply it to the filter later

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