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Measure if value exists in connection with unique ID

Hello there!


For context, we have a service department that sends work orders between each other, until now we have measured their volume based on who opens and who closes the work order, but we realized that sometimes, work orders are sent between departments and that we want to measure as "processed by".


We have a raw data table that gives us the following data:


In below example, with our past count only group A & B recieved stats for it.

We want to count to enable group C to get 1 processed for this record.


Thankful for any information that assists.


Bonus question: Can anyone point me to resources that can help in creating a timeline for a case, for below example that would be:

A->C->B with timestamps and duration on each group.



Unique IDOpen GroupClosed GroupResolved GroupCurrent AssignmentHistory AssignmentHistory Previous AssignmentHistory Post AssignmentHistory Start TimeHistory End Time
884934ABBBA C13 dec 2016 13:49:5913 dec 2016 14:09:09
884934ABBBACB13 dec 2016 15:57:4413 dec 2016 15:58:18
884934ABBBABB14 dec 2016 09:02:4414 dec 2016 09:03:12
Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @CauseAndEffect ,


If you still have the issue, then this might be a direction for a solution. 


I loosely translated your data model to the following: 
2020-01-19 10_48_54-Window.jpg
A TicketStats table was created using: 

TicketStats = filter(
SUMMARIZE ( 'Tickets', Tickets[ID], Tickets[Open] ) ,
SUMMARIZE ( 'Tickets', Tickets[ID], Tickets[Step2] ) ,
SUMMARIZE ( 'Tickets', Tickets[ID], Tickets[Step3] ) ,
SUMMARIZE ( 'Tickets', Tickets[ID], Tickets[Closed] )
not ( [Open] ="")

 The column name is [Open], because that is the column used in the first summarize. 

Hope this helps,




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