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I want to create a measure to show if another meaasure has the value of 5 or more



I want to create a measure to show if the measure #Picks has a value of 5 or more. 

#Picks = distinctcountnoblank(PickPerformance[pick_id]). 

I have tried three ways to do it
First I tried to just use a measure wit "IF" 
MoreThan5Picks = IF([#Picks]>=5,1,0)
 The measure always said 0


Next I tried the same, but I implemented the formula of the #Picks measure into the MoreThan5Picks Measure:

MoreThan5Picks = IF(distinctcountnoblank(PickPerformance[pick_id])>=5,1,0)
Now it always had the value one. 
I also tried it with Switch: 
MoreThan5Picks = SWITCH(TRUE(),[#Picks]>5,1,[#Picks]=5,1,[#Picks]<5,0)  
MoreThan5Picks = SWITCH(TRUE(),distinctcountnoblank(PickPerformance[pick_id])>5,1,distinctcountnoblank(PickPerformance[pick_id])=5,1,distinctcountnoblank(PickPerformance[pick_id])<5,0)  

But the result was the same. Now I just don't know why it does not work.


Any ideas? 

Super User
Super User

Hi @AlexEncuble think about granularity in your picture: you are showing the lowest level of data with measure definition below? If yes, as your measure return distinctcount per lowest level of data, then it is ok to receive only 1 or in your case with if >5 only 0.

Maybe you wanted measure to apply on higher level of data...

#Picks = distinctcountnoblank(PickPerformance[pick_id]).

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I don't know what you mean, if the Measure #Picks has more than 5 entries in this visual the measure MoreThan5Picks should have the value 1, else it should have the value 0. 

Hi @AlexEncuble in your visual, you shown all the details?
Definition for your measure is fine, but how you "apply" on visual could create false wrong result, if your visual is at same level of detail as measure. Create some aggrefated view with your measure and check results.

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