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How to group several shifts with StartDTM and EndDTM in sevral rows up as one duty

Hi all, 

I am stuck by this issue for days. 

My purpose is to idendty the shifts as one duty because it's one duty to a human, but I can't do it in DAX or M query in the back end.  I need to identify them as one duty first and then identify night duties out of these group-up duties, whih any duty falls upon the time period 11:30pm to 5:00am next day would be a night duty. 


If the shift gap between each other is less than 30 minutes, these shifts are considered as part of the duty.  


how can I do it please? Thank you in advance.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Daweiwang ,

Pleas refer to my pbix file to see if it helps you.

Create another table.

Table 2 = GENERATESERIES(MIN('Table'[STARTDTE]),MAX('Table'[ENDDTM]),TIME(0,30,0))

Then create 2 columns.

Category = 
var _a = MAXX(FILTER('Table',[Index]=EARLIER('Table'[Index])-1),[ENDDTM])
var _c = IF(_b<=30,1,0)
return COUNTROWS(FILTER('Table',[Index]<=EARLIER('Table'[Index])&&DATEDIFF(MAXX(FILTER('Table',[Index]=EARLIER('Table'[Index])-1),[ENDDTM]),[STARTDTE],MINUTE)>=30))+1
Column = 
var _start = MINX(FILTER('Table',[Category]=EARLIER('Table'[Category])),[STARTDTE])
var _end = MAXX(FILTER('Table',[Category]=EARLIER('Table'[Category])),[ENDDTM])
var _timetable = GENERATESERIES(_start,_end,TIME(0,15,0))
var _Flag = ADDCOLUMNS(_timetable,"Flag",IF(TIME(23,30,00)<=TIME(HOUR([Value]),MINUTE([Value]),SECOND([Value]))||TIME(HOUR([Value]),MINUTE([Value]),SECOND([Value]))<=TIME(05,00,00),1,0))
return IF(SUMX(_Flag,[Flag])>0,"night duty")


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Best Regards
Community Support Team _ Rongtie

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Hello Rongtie,

Thank you very much for your help, I tried your code but Power BI is like "Working on it" and it didn't stop unitl I force stop it. Maybe something is wrong with it, which kept the code looping. I am not sure about it. 

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