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Grouping records dynamically in matrix visual


I'm trying to create a matrix that uses a measure that changes with a date slicer selection. Currently, I only have the matrix grouped by whatever the table calculated for the day. I want to get the matrix grouped by the date slicer selection.


These are the groups I'm trying to group under:
0-5 units

6-10 units

11+ units

These groups are the sums of the individual accounts. For example, an account can have multiple records; the sum will equal 25 units and therefore be grouped as 20-29 units. The table below shows an example of the data I'm using.



Currently, if the user selects a slicer date of 1/11, they will get these results:

0-5 units   
6-10 units   
11+ units   


But the result needs to look like this:

0-5 units   
6-10 units   
11+ units   


The difference: Account 1 is grouped under 11+ units when it should be grouped under 6-10 units. The unit and cost metrics are measures that I'm using. The account is under the 'Group' row and can be drilled down on.


I'm thinking this is a case of grouping accounts dynamically. The problem is I don't know how that can be done. I've tried multiple solutions and can not figure it out.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

Super User
Super User

@viewSonic123 , if unit is sum of unit or a measure then you need


then you need


Dynamic Segmentation Bucketing Binning

Dynamic Segmentation, Bucketing or Binning:



Else you can use a switch

a new column

= Switch(true() ,

[Unit]<5, "  0-5",

[Unit]<10, " 5-10",

// add other

"More than 10" )



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