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Getting values from a column associated with a value on the same row in PowerBi

What I am trying to do is to get a value on the same row from one column that is associated with a value on another column on the same table.

Currently I have 4 columns. As shown below, I'll call this table the "Objects" table:


file idstring idstring
60200Current set
30200Current set
3050John D.

Current set


I am currently trying to find a way where PowerBI looks for the "string id", then find the "file id" associated with the value id.

Finally a new column or table will return all values in the "string" column associated with the file id that it found.


For example, it looks up the "string ID" 200 then finds the "file ID" 60, 30, 25. Once it gets those ID's it will return the values in the "string" column that are associated with the file ID. So in this example it will return everything except the cell that has "VIEW".


I've tried writing an If statement inside of an if statement but that did not work.





custom_column = IF(Objects[file id] = (IF(Objects[string id]=200, Objects[file id])), Objects[string])





This only returned the value "Current set"

Is there another DAX function I can use to populate a column with the information i need or populate it in a different table?


My expected outcome would be as follows


if its a different table:

file idstring
60Current set
30Current set
30John D
25Current set


or a custom column next to the original table:

Current set

Current set

John D.
Current set


Thank you in advance.

Super User
Super User

Show your expected outcome. It is not clear from your description.

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Again sorry that I was not clear and cause a bit of confusion. I tried replying to your post but I constantly received an error that said invalid html. So i edited my original post to reflect what I expected.

Super User
Super User

You need to get out of the current filter context for that.


custom_column = 
var s = Objects[string id]
var f = SUMMARIZE(filter(Objects,Objects[string id]=s),Objects[file id])
return CALCULATE(CONCATENATEX(Objects,Objects[string],","),All(Objects),Objects[file id] in f)



By the way your statement "So in this example it will return everything except the cell that has "VIEW"." is not entirely correct.







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Thank you so much for this. I was hoping to get each value that was associated to the same file id as current set on a seperate row. I would probably need to create a new table and do this? Sorry if i wasnt clear.


Unless this would also take a cell thats blank and then I would be able to break down the column by using a comma delimiter to get everything on cell seperated out to their own cells

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