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Error in calculation of a KPI

Hi everyone! I'm currently having a weird issue. I've made the following parameters to create a KPI which does this:


In one side you have last month avg sales $, calculated by the n of days from the last month:

Promedio_Facturacion = SUM('Mes pasado'[FACTURACION])/DAY(ENDOFMONTH('Mes pasado'[FECHA]))
Then you have the current month:
Promedio Facturacion_act = SUM('Mes actual'[FACTURACION])/DAY(TODAY())
Then I have to calculate the percentage increase/decrease between those 2 numbers:
vs Mes Anterior (Facturacion) = ([Promedio Facturacion_act] - 'Mes pasado'[Promedio_Facturacion])/'Mes pasado'[Promedio_Facturacion]
Once I have that calculation, I've elaborated a KPI based on the following:
KPI = IF([vs Mes Anterior (Facturacion)] <= -0.20, "CRITICO", IF([vs Mes Anterior (Facturacion)] <=-0.10, "ALERTA", IF([vs Mes Anterior (Facturacion)] < 0, "CUIDADO", "OK")))
Problem is that isn't working propperly, for example:


First case is -0.7 which is critical, wrong since it has to count from -0.20. But what kills me is that 0.67 is Critical and 0.8 is OK. Its boggling me for sure. Do you have any tips for this?



I saw that what is causing this issue is that the KPI metric was made as a Column. When I transpose it as a Metric this error doesn't happen, but, you loose the opportunity of using the KPI as a filter for example.
Furthermore, when the KPI is used as a column, since this query tracks transactions daily, what happens is that it issues an status for each transaction and, when data is resumed by unique ids, this status sum up displaying the most repetitive ocurrence, not the accorded one.
I was thinking maybe a SUMMARIZE would help?
Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @Matias_Tiberio 


Are these two tables related? I don't know the specific situation. You may need to modify these two codes to make them constant (it can still change after each refresh or open). 


Can you share some sample data and more datails? So I can check if it has a workaround.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey

Solution Sage
Solution Sage


Are you able to try this for month to date avg sales?  You can sub in your name for DateTable[Date] where I have Dates[Date]..

Facturacion_act = SUM('Mes actual'[FACTURACION])

MTD Facturacion_act = CALCULATE(Average([Facturacion_act] ),DATESMTD('Date'[Date]))


Then do your measures for the difference as a percent?

Hi! Yes, kind of, instead of that (since it was already built in this way by other member) I'm using the same FACTURACION metric from two different queries, one from last month and one from the current one. Then there's the calculation of the difference as a percent. 

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