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Date Range Filter on Visual - Dynamic Change

Hi to all,

this is my first post 🙂

I've searched for this problem in the forum but I couldn't find the solution.


I have a report with a date range filter.

This filter, by default, has the start date and end date set to min and max date, for showing the entire data range of the column that it filters.


Is there a method or a trick for showing a default range depending on today's date?


Real example:

this is what the filter shows by deafult:

1. Capture.JPG


I want that it shows the entire filter, but with this year "pre-selected" (not removing other dates) :

2. Capture.JPG


Plus: on the 01/06/XXXX, it should change as "from 01/06/XXXX to 01/06/XXXX+1", like:

3. Capture.JPG


Thank you in advice!


Vincenzo Giannella.

New Member

Hi @Anonymous,


Did you find some solution? I have same issue. 

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Hi @tpalus ,

I'm sorry, but i didn't find a solution.

I have a reminder on my calendar, and every six months I must change the default dates manually 😞

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Hi @amitchandak ,

thank you for your answer.


Unfortunately this is not what I need.

My Company wants that every six months the report mantains this filter, with all the dates available, but pre-set on the six months after, because it is the most common case of use of the report.


For now, I set my Outlook calendar for warning me every 1st January and 1st June, and I should open the report, set the date for the six months after and re-publish it.


I'd like to avoid/get around of doing this.


Thank you!

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , Based on what I got.

There is not way to initialize a slicer based on function

You can have column like this and select today

Is Today = if('Date'[Date]=TODAY(),"Today",[Date]&"")


Check this video :


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