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Helper IV
Helper IV

DAX Measure ALL


I have requirements to get the % of defect using the formula    defect % = defect count  / volume qty.
the problem is i'm getting the overall volume qty  even i'm using a month filter from a page and it should be getting the volume for that particular month.
Right now it display 171166, the correct value should be 25973 of  volume qty. January.   May i know if i'm missing from my measure of volume qty. could not figure out if this is correct.

measure to get the volume qty

volume qty= CALCULATE(table[defect Count], ALL(table))

Appreciate the help. 
Thank you.
Super User
Super User

@JWick1969 ,


Try like

volume qty= CALCULATE(table[defect Count], ALLSELECTED(table))

@amitchandak its possible to use the code you've given with filter. I need to calculate the defect count and filter the column1 = "ASY"
  CALCULATE(table[defect Count], ALLSELECTED(table))

Hi, Already found the root cause why its is not working correctly when I do the filtering. This is what I found In filter on visual I have excluded the empty defect and also perform top 10 defect. So removed these filters and the volume is displayed correctly. However, how can I perform a top 10% that will not affect the values and also the empty defect will ot be displayed in the visual?


Thank you.

Thank you.

The code is working fine when i used to the first type of defect. but when i used it to another type of defect the volume qty is wrong where in it should be the same from the first one 25973.

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