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New Member

Custom 445 Calendar?

Hello PBI Community?

Could someone help me solve an implementation, please?

Considering the fiscal year 2022, basically the Quarter ends on the last Saturday of the current Quarter, examples: Q1 (from 01/01/22 to 04/02/22), Q2 (from 04/03/22 to 07/02/ 22), Q3 (from 07/03/22 to 10/01/22), Q4 (from 10/02/22 to 12/31/22). I imagine that the ideal would be to implement something related to the day of the week such as: last Saturday or the first following Monday of the current Quarter, so the logic will be applied in previous and following years. In addition, the same happens with Fiscal Weeks, where the last closing day is Saturday, here are some examples: SF01 (from 01/01/22 to 01/08/22), SF05 (from 01/30/22 to 05/02/22), SF48 (from 27/11/22 to 03/12/22) and SF52 (from 25/12/22 to 31/12/22).

Fiscal year:

Year 2022: 01/01/22 to 12/31/22.

Fiscal quarter:

Q1 (from 01/01/22 to 04/02/22),

Q2 (from 04/03/22 to 07/02/22),

Q3 (from 07/03/22 to 10/01/22),

Q4 (from 10/02/22 to 12/31/22).

Fiscal Weeks:

FW01 (from 01/01/22 to 01/08/22),

FW02 (from 01/09/22 to 01/15/22),

FW03 (from 01/16/22 to 01/22/22),

FW04 (from 01/23/22 to 01/28/22),

FW05 (from 01/30/22 to 02/05/22),


FW48 (from 11/27/22 to 12/03/22),

FW49 (from 12/04/22 to 12/10/22),

FW50 (from 12/11/22 to 12/17/22),

FW51 (from 12/18/22 to 12/24/22),

FW52 (from 12/25/22 to 12/31/22).


I would greatly appreciate if someone could consider help me.

Thanks a lot,

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Custom calendar implementations are all available from You don't have to re-invent the wheel. You can start here: DAX Time Intelligence for 4-4-5 Calendar, ISO Calendar and other custom ones #dax #powerpivot - SQLB... or here: Week-related calculations – DAX Patterns

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