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Cumulative total incorrect when added to chart

Hi all - hope you can help!


I have created a measure as per below to get a running total or cumaltive sum of GP. I am simply summing up each month as we go along, filtered by only the months that appear on the actual sales. 

Cummaltive Actual GP = CALCULATE(sum(udvPowerBIJCSummaryV2[GP]), DATESYTD(MonthTable[Month]), FILTer(udvPowerBIJCSummaryV2,udvPowerBIJCSummaryV2[Mth] >= udvPowerBIJCSummaryV2[Mth]))


This works fine. Except, when I put this into my graph, the first two months do not show? any ideas why? The only date filter on the page is a slice which includes the dates the graph is not showing! The actuals are there in the graph lines, so I cant understand why they dont appear on the cumaltive line? The circle is my issue, why isnt the yellow line going up to there? 



Hope this enough info!



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @rosiebilton23 ,

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Xiaoxin Sheng

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Community Champion
Community Champion


It looks like you're working with Power BI and trying to create a cumulative total of GP (Gross Profit) over time using a DAX measure. The measure you've written seems to be mostly correct, but there might be some issues with the filter context that's affecting the visibility of the first two months in your chart.

Here are some things you can check to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Ensure that your Date Table (MonthTable) is correctly linked to your data model and is being used for time-based filtering.

  2. Verify that your data model contains data for all the months you are trying to display in your chart.

  3. Check the data quality and consistency in your "udvPowerBIJCSummaryV2" table for the "Mth" column. It's possible that there might be some data anomalies or missing values for the first two months.

  4. Double-check the date slicer you mentioned to ensure that it includes the first two months you want to display in the cumulative chart.

  5. Make sure there are no additional filters or slicers on your report page that could affect the visibility of the cumulative line.

  6. Consider using the "ALL" function to remove any additional filters on the "udvPowerBIJCSummaryV2" table that might be affecting the cumulative calculation. You can wrap your calculation in an "ALL" function like this:


Cummaltive Actual GP =

This will remove any filters on "udvPowerBIJCSummaryV2" while still applying the date filter using DATESYTD.

  1. Check if there are any relationships between tables in your data model that might be causing unintended filtering.

By verifying and adjusting these aspects of your Power BI report, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue with the missing data points in your cumulative chart.

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