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Calculate last nonblank values and show them on Time chart like cumulative total

I hope I can explain as clearly as possible.
I have a table with status changes of cars.
The machine can have 3 statuses: 0 (done), 1 (in work) or 2 (new)
Status change writes per datetime
So, I create measure how much cars have status 1 (and required categories) on and before selected date and time
For example i choose 02.06.2023 and time 4.00 am 
so from table i get 68 cars started work before and on this time
my measures
Start work before chart =
var count_d = calculate(DISTINCTCOUNTNOBLANK('Change Log Entry (status)'[lookup_car]), filter(ALL('Change Log Entry (status)'), 'Change Log Entry (status)'[date hour] <= max('Change Log Entry (status)'[date hour]) && 'Change Log Entry (status)'[Date and Time local]=[last date] && 'Change Log Entry (status)'[New Value] = "1"
&& [Розподіл авто]<>"тривалий ремонт (більше 2 діб)" &&
[Розподіл авто]<>"капітальний ремонт (більше місяца)" &&
[Розподіл авто]<>"заправка (до 1 доби)" &&
[Розподіл авто]<>"перезмінка (до 1 доби)" &&
[Розподіл авто]<>"паркінг (більше 1 доби)" &&
[Розподіл авто]<>"короткий ремонт (1-2 доби)"))
last date =
VAR _result =
        max(  'Change Log Entry (status)'[Date and Time local]),
        REMOVEFILTERS ( 'Change Log Entry (status)' ),
        VALUES ( 'Change Log Entry (status)'[lookup_car] ),
        filter(ALLSELECTED ( 'Change Log Entry (status)'),  'Change Log Entry (status)'[Date local]< MAX (   'selected_date'[Date])
       || ('Change Log Entry (status)'[Date local]= MAX ('selected_date'[Date]) && [new Time]<= max('Hours'[new Time]))))


'selected_date'[Date] and 'Hours'[new Time] haven't relationships with my table (just simple date and time tables)






But now i need to show on chart how much cars started work on start day (from 1am because i show cars before to hour) and to end of day
it should be measure per selected date from slicer (not depend from time slicer) and chart should look like that  


And today it should be values only to the active hour 
but for another day from slicer, it should be all day on chart

I've been thinking about this for 2 weeks now and every time my measure is incorrectly displayed on the graph


Super User
Super User

Does your calendar table have the required hour level granularity?


Please provide sample data that fully covers your issue.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

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