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Helper II
Helper II

Calculate disctinctcount as total and ignore filter

Hello all


I have a formula


produced Qty = CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT(Data[ID]) , Data[step] = 1 || Data[step] = 2)
which calculates the total amount of produced items. From this I would like to calculate the percentage of faulty items.
On process step 1 and 2 it is ok, but the same item goes trough step 3,4,5 etc.
If I am filtering on the visual the next process step e.g step 4 i am getting a blank result.
I understand why - formula filters ste 1 and 2 from data and visual filter step 4. no result.
What I want to achieve is to keep the same result on the step 4 ( so ignore all visual filter )
I thing this is the ALL funtion,but I am having trouble to write it down.
PS> I also have different filters like date, item, the visual, which I would like to use.
So it should ignore only the process step visual filter
Thank you
Super User
Super User

hi @Tommyvhod 

try like:

produced Qty =
    KEEPFILTERS(Data[step] = 1 || Data[step] = 2)


Unfortunately not working. Maybe because the distinctcount is counting ID and we are filtering the process step?

hi @Tommyvhod 

what about this:

produced Qty =
VAR _step = SELECTEDVALUE(data[step])
VAR _value1 = 
    Data[step] = 1 || Data[step] = 2
VAR _value2 = 
    Data[step] =4
IF( _step = 4, _value2, _value1)

If I understood correcly if the process is 4 than the number of parts there will be calculated.


The problem here is that  always process 1 and 2 is used for the quantities.


It looks like: step 1 and 2 is the production, next steps are other steps like painting, control, packaging ( more than 20 steps) and for defects I would like to return the produced qty. ( step 1+2)

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