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KPI Grid containing % and data bars, all from the same table

I have a table, for example


Description                        Rating

Title A             67%

Title B

Title C

Title C

Title E

Title F

Title G

Title H


The list is slowly growing so new ones are added. Currently all I can do is add this to a table with all the rows going down and the percentages added with Dats Bar Conditional Formatting. It would be great if you could split them up into a grid of tiles like this....


You could for example specify you wanted it to be 4 tiles wide and then as the list grows it just adds additional tiles. The KPI single tiles as it stands dont give me this fuctionality. I would like to see rows in a table spit into this layout without all from the same table

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I should add, the logic is very similar to a Treemap, but with bars in each block

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Are you talking about KPI Grid visual?


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

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No. This doesnt give me the look required (See above)