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Adding an overlay with a hyperlink to a line chart

I work on a data engineering team, and we have a PowerBI report that includes a line chart showing how long it takes for data to be processed. Spikes in this graph are typically related to an incident (configured in our incident management platform) that captures outages and disruptions to our service. I would like to display those incidents over this line chart (shown as red dots on the graph below). Each dot would represent an incident or group of incidents that fired at a particular time stamp. When I hover over or click on a red dot, I would like to see a tooltip or dialogue panel with more information about the incident(s) including incident number and a hyperlink to the particular incident on our incident management platform. Assuming the underlying data model is working and we are able to correlate incidents pulled from our incident management platform with the data from the line chart, what kind of visuals could I use to create these dynamic overlaid lables with hyperlinks? If there are no existing visuals that would allow this, has anyone tried any plug-ins or custom solutions that they could share?


I would appreciate any help 🙂 





cc: @jayendrans 

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Hi @lucaswhitaker,


I believe that tables, matrixes, text boxes and shapes are the only visuals that have hyperlink functionality available, and you cannot currently have hyperlinks directly against a data point. Whilst you could add a report page tooltip that contains a contextual field that could work as a hyperlink, these are non-interactive.


In terms of custom solutions, whilst a bit more work than using core visuals Deneb is a certified custom visual that allows you to create bespoke visuals using the Vega and Vega-Lite languages (and is a lot less effort than building a full custom visual). As these languages both have an href property for marks, you can bind a URL to a data point or related mark and this can be delegated to Power BI to open on the user's behalf when clicked. Not sure if that helps, but might give you a couple more ideas.





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