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Power BI Showcase – Insurance, Client Satisfaction & Optical Data Reports



Our Power BI Showcase has always proven how useful Power BI can be across different industries. In fact, we’ve launched 3 new showcases that give fresh insights, especially if you’re in the optical, insurance and client care sectors.




The Enterprise DNA Power BI Showcases are amazing tools you can use in real-life scenarios. Here are the fresh showcases we’ve added that shows how dynamic Power BI really can be.

Insurance Complaints


Dealing with insurance data can be a challenge, knowing that there are so many different angles to every scenario. In this case, we’re looking at insights regarding insurance complaints.


The showcase’s live demo opens up on the Reports page.




As you can see, all the important details are cleanly laid out — from the status of the complaints to their dates and categories.


A table listing down all complaints and their status is also accessible through the Actions page. This page clearly shows the number of complaints that require the most attention, seeing that they have passed the threshold.


All other details can be found on the Details page of the report.


What if your data comes from different regions and are scattered across different dates? The Settings tab allows you to filter the data based on these factors.




Optical Data


The Optical Data showcase focuses on appointment scheduling. It allows you to closely monitor the appointments in your schedule, and suggested slots for missed appointments.


Looking at this aspect, it makes sense that this report can also be used for non-optical related businesses, as long as you want to keep track of your appointments.




The Client Action Centre cleanly lays out the data.


It allows you to filter the data based on time period, age group, name of client and contact group. The icons on top also show you which clients fall under these different actions — reschedule, remind, invite, inquire and promote.


The 3rd page of the report allows you to explore your flagged clusters so that you can plan further actions.

Client Satisfaction


Client satisfaction is definitely an area that you can apply to different industries as well.




This report contains 8 pages all in all, but this only proves how thorough this report is.


After the title page, it leads you to the General Overview.




It gives a clear picture of the number of clients, number of complaints, number of brokers, reimbursements, average days to resolve complaints and satisfaction levels.


The next 3 pages for Complaints Distribution, Complaints Handling Days and Complaints Status further dives deep into every complaint.




The Client Satisfaction tab gives an overview of the overall experience of clients over given time periods. The feedback is also grouped based on the different product categories.




The report also includes a page showing the individual performance of brokers handling the clients.


Then, the report ends with a clear list of the problems that were identified, as well as the things that need to be done before the audit.  




The Power BI Showcase


These new Power BI Showcase reports prove yet again that Power BI is an essential tool for any industry. You can use your own data on these reports to gain a deeper understanding of the scenario you’re presented with.


The Power BI Showcase is a collection of downloadable reports covering a wide range of industries and uses.


Every report was created with real-life scenarios in mind. This fulfills the showcase’s purpose of helping everyone out there have a deeper understanding of the data they’re dealing with, regardless if they’re experienced Power BI users or not.


Enterprise DNA Team