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Power BI Custom Visual – Chiclet Slicer


Slicer is one of the most common and important controls for Power BI report design, which is quite helpful for many dynamics interaction. Although its operation procedure is very simple, the traditional slicer still can achieve the expected effects.

However, traditional slicer has limited customization settings, so when users want to design personalized effects, such as making the slicer have a mouse hover effect Which will be difficult for the traditional slicer. Therefore, I would like to introduce another slicer in Power BI: Chiclet Slicer to realize this requirement.


Operation procedure

Prepare a set of data then load this custom visual object in AppSource.



Drag [Country] into the Category field to get this different slicer.



You can also customize the order in which they are listed. Whether they are arranged horizontally or in a super compact matrix arrangement.



In traditional slicer, if you want to check more than one item at the same time, you need to hold Ctrl to check them. But Chiclet Slicer supports batch ticking directly and cross highlighting on visual.



Next, I'll introduce you to its coolest feature which can use images instead of text as filters.

Firstly, find the flag of different countries on the web and add the URLs to the table.

Set the type of the field [Logo] to "Image URL".



Put this [Logo] field into the [image] box of Chiclet Slicer. Then a slicer with the flag image is generated.



You can continue to embellish this slicer even without text, using only images for filtering.

The Images section under Format set the "Image Split" to 100 and the image will then take up 100% of the chiclet and crowd out the text all together.





Are you already interested in it? Chiclet Slicer is an excellent control and you can try it out the next time you design a report.


Document reference: Visual Awesomeness Unlocked: The Chiclet Slicer | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI


Author: Xiaoting Yan

Reviewer: Kerry Wang & Ula Huang