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Introducing “Explicit Measures” a Power BI Podcast

Tommy Puglia, Mike Carlo and Seth Bauer bring a new and exciting way to dive deep into everything Power BI.  This community is amazing and we’ve loved contributing presentations, tools and tips over on, here on the Community, and in our PUG groups. There are so many great contributors and presenters and we’re all happy to be part of that group.


Being part of these communities is what brought us all together, and we’ve always had great conversations with each other discussing various things about Power BI. Earlier this year this idea of bringing the community into these discussions was tossed around between the three of us and “Explicit Measures” podcast was born.


We would be thrilled if you would join us in our discussions. Our topics are all centered around Power BI and the myriad business topics surrounding it. So far we’ve recorded 44 episodes! We do a live broadcast on all the major channels (Youtube, LinkedIn) Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30am CST and post our recordings on all the major podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify).

Whether you are on your way to work, getting ready in the morning, or taking that afternoon walk to clear your head. We invite you to join us for fun relevant discussions that broach many different topics that also include our personal opinions, recommendations, encouragement and approaches we use to solve many of the challenges we all face daily.


Join us, and be part of the discussion!


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