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Building Slicers from Existing Attributes


You have student data with attributes representing performance in different subjects, and you want to create a filter that allows users to select the number of failed attributes for each student. The goal is to dynamically display students who have failed a certain number of attributes based on user selection.






We need to create a new calculated column that calculates the number of failed subjects for each student. In our case Failed Count is the calculated column.




Failed Count = 
IF ( 'Table'[Subject 1] = "F", 1, 0 )
    + IF ( 'Table'[Subject 2] = "F", 1, 0 )
    + IF ( 'Table'[Subject 3] = "F", 1, 0 )



This DAX formula evaluates whether a student failed in Subject 1, Subject 2, or Subject 3 by checking if the grade is "F". If the condition is met, it assigns a value of 1; otherwise, it assigns 0. Finally, it sums up these values to determine the total count of failed subjects for each student.



Finally, we can utilize the newly created calculated column in the slicer to filter student attributes within the visual.