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How to Register for a Community Account


You can see everything in the community without signing in.  But if you want to post questions, or answer questions, etc. you need to create a community account first and then sign in.


Creating a community account

Click Register on the top right hand side of the site.

First enter the email address you want to use.  You can either use:

  • A Microsoft Account, i.e., that lets you use addresses such as,,,, etc.
  • Or your work email, if your company uses Azure Active Directory (AAD).




Once you enter the email, click Next.


Email sign in.jpg


Then you will be asked to enter some more information on the next screen.

  • Username- pick any username you want that isn't already used
  • Time zone

Then click the checkbox to agree to the terms of service, privacy statement, and code of conduct.

Then click I'm not a robot and click Submit.


Power BI Sign in .jpg


Once your community account is created, in the future if you need to sign in, just click Sign In in the top right hand corner.


Sign in.jpg



If you have questions about registering for a Community account, please visit the community account support article.


Privacy Notice

Please note that when you register your Community credentials under an organizational account, you will be offered a streamlined personal data management experience through your organization. Actions initiated to export personal data, delete personal data or account closure now need to be initiated directly with the administrator of your organization. After the transition is complete, your ability to access or delete your personal data will be administered by the organization that owns your domain. Although Microsoft continues to be ultimately in control of your personal data, you need to contact your organizational administrator to manage it. Organizational administrators can put in an export or access request to their Admin portal and a link will be available to them to download your personal data in less than 30 days. 

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