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Hi Power BI Community!  

Welcome to the Power BI T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023!  We are excited about the Power BI Community accent color and invite you to join us to help launch the color change by designing a T-Shirt!  

The Challenge is open to the Power BI Community and all members are encouraged to submit a T-Shirt design. 

- Submit your entry starting: 7th March 2023, 8:00 AM Pacific time.

- Entry deadline: 21st March 2023, 11:59 PM Pacific time. 

- Voting (giving kudos) deadline: 28th March 2023, 11:59 PM Pacific time. 

- The T-Shirt challenge winner will be announced on 29th March 2023, Pacific time.

We can't wait to review your designs!

Here's how it works:

- Entries can be submitted by a Power BI Community member.

- Multiple entries can be submitted.

-The 3 elements to include in the T-Shirt design are:

    1. Incorporate your favorite Power BI visual.
    2. Power BI yellow icon (attached here)
    3. Incorporate at least 2 Power BI colors: 

      •  The new Power BI accent color (H #117865)
      •  Power BI Yellow (H #F2C811)

Challenges Rules

How to enter:

  1. Select the "Entries" tab.
  2. Select "Enter the challenge."
  3. Name your entry (max of 99 characters).
  4. Upload your T-Shirt design image.
  5. Attach an Adobe Acrobat PDF of the design image (drag, drop, or browse).
  6. Select the label "T-Shirt Design Challenge 2023".
  7. Select "Post" to submit your entry.

How to vote: To cast a vote, click the kudos (thumbs up) next to an entry in the gallery.

How the finalists are chosen:

- All eligible votes (kudos) provided by the deadline of 28th March 2023, 11:59 PM Pacific time.

- Kudos and design elements will be taken into consideration when selecting the finalists.

- The finalists will be selected on Wednesday, 29th March 2023.

- The winning design will be revealed by Kelly Kaye, Sr. Power BI Community Lead.

- Votes will be accepted by 28th March 2023, 11:59 PM Pacific time.

We can't wait to review your designs!

Please review Microsoft Community Challenge Official Rules (attached here) prior to submitting your T-Shirt Challenge entries.