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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Compatibility with ISFILTERED function inside Paginated reporting?

Hello, i have been struggling getting various financial statement subtotals to display within paginated reporting.  Within PBI matrix visual - the income statement is properly presented, but once I take that same measure into paginated - various subtotals are no longer displayed (Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit, etc)


As I have been attempting to understand, think I have the issued narrowed down to the isfiltered function.    Within hte measure, I have a series of isfiltered(table/column) chained together with the OR operator.    The reason I have this - is to prevent drilldown within the subtotal lines.  I have an if statement- if VarCMfiltered=true, blank, measure.


Snippet of the chained isfiltered functions.

VAR SubHeaderFiltered =
    ISFILTERED ( 'ConsolidatedTransactions'[SubHeader] )
VAR ReportLineDescrFiltered =
    ISFILTERED ( 'COA Setup'[Report LineDescription] )
VAR COADescrFiltered =
    ISFILTERED ( 'COA Setup'[Description] )
VAR COASubHeaderFiltered =
    ISFILTERED ( 'COA Setup'[SubHeader.1] )
VAR COAQbooksSubHeaderFiltered =
    ISFILTERED ( 'COA Setup'[Qbooks SubHeader] )
VAR VarCMFiltered = SubHeaderFiltered || ReportLineDescrFiltered
    || COADescrFiltered
    || COASubHeaderFiltered
    || COAQbooksSubHeaderFiltered

However, what I have found, if I remove these isfiltered statements - subtotals are displayed within paginated reports.   with the unfortunate effect of undesired drill down lines.


For example, contribution margin and Gross Profit  includes undesired drilldown lines,




This screenshot shows the various subtotals as zero - when the isfiltered is true included in measure.  No drilldown is allowed


Below is a PBI matrix visual, that is working correctly  w/isfiltered functions.


How can I trick paginated reporting to work similiarly to the matrix visual?   I highly suspect the cause is resulting from the use of isfiltered function?

Thank you!


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