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Time Interval option for reflex from Power BI is not available.

While creating alert from Power Bi visuals , it's taking 1 Hr as default time interval for reflex event stream, 


Please let me know how to update the time intervals for events.


Helper I
Helper I

Someone like me might not want to get notified for a simple state every hour.  Probably a daily notification worked better for me. I would suggest to have that option back to let users choose the frequency that fits with their needs, plus let them to schedule the times at which the trigger activates other than start it once they clicked the button.

Hello @morteza 


We check hourly, but this does not mean you will get alerted hourly.  You will only get alerted when the data actually changes to become greater than/less than the threshold, and you will only get alerted once when this happens.

Example: suppose your condition is "becomes greater than 10". Suppose the current value of your measure is 9. It then changes to a value of 11. You will get one alert, within an hour of this happening. You will not get alerted again until the measure value drops below 10, and then becomes greater than 10 again.

Note also that for import-mode datasets (the most common mode), the alert frequency is bounded by the refresh frequency of the dataset. For example, if your dataset refreshes daily, then you will get at most daily notifications, because the data only changes daily.

We are looking, as a roadmap item, to allow users to specify explicitly the notification frequency. Notification frequency is a different concept to how how often we check, as I hope the above example clarifies.

@jameshutton Just want to add something to this: The condition of "becomes greater than.." does not work for my case either. Imagine I want to notify users that there are some forecast data entered within the past 24 hours and are available to be viewed in the report. If we have a case that there are forecasts in the report for two consecutive 24hr periods, the condition of "becomes greater than 0" won't trigger anything because we still need that gauge value to become zero once in between, so it can activate the trigger again, right?

Hello @morteza 


Firstly, also note that we have removed "is-" type conditions, for precisely the reason that people don't generally want hourly reminders. We now only have "becomes-" type conditions.


Secondly, regarding your forecast question. If your forecasts have a "time entered" value, then you can create your alert by adding a filter to your visual. Your visual should show "count of forecasts entered within the last 2 hours." (You can do this with a relative time filter in Power BI.) Then, becauase data activator checks hourly, the value will increase to 1 after a forecast is entered, then decrease to 0 after 2 hours, then increase to 1 after the next forecast is entered. So a Data Activator alert of the form "count of forecasts becomes greater than 0" will do what you want.





Thank you @jameshutton  for the clarifications. Yes, I believe I'd used the condition of "is greater than..." instead of "becomes greater than..." in my case. That's why I'd been getting notification emails every hour while my gauge value remained constant (my gauge is a simple sum of values in my dataset that were modified within the past 24 hours). I'll use your hint hopefully that solves the issue.

New Member

I have the same issue. Can someone help us?

Hi @jameshutton, I see the check interval is set to 1hr by default when alert creation. But is it possible to change it later because some of our alerts needs 15mins check. With reflex check 1hr delay(and additional data source and power bi refresh delays), the data goes back to different state when alert goes out. Thanks.

Exctly same here. At current delay and no option to set explicitly the time of schedulled refreshes I will have to turn to other tools and solutions.

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