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Power BI pro - Clarification on 10 GB limit

For one of our clients we did a PoC on a limited dataset using Power BI. The client wants to move the setup to production .We understand that the total data size that Power BI Pro license can accommodate is 10 GB. However we wanted to understand if it is one monolithic dataset of 10 GB or 10 datasets each of 1 GB.  


The information I've been finding while trying to clarify this is still misleading to me. 


Does that mean I can create a handful of ~1GB data sources within a single Pro Shared Workspace as long as it doesn't exceed 10GB total (combined with report data, dashboard data, etc.)? 


Or does this mean I can only have a max of 1GB total for my data sources within a single Pro Shared Workspace, and the rest (9GB) is for reports and other artifacts?

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Power BI Service (with Pro License)

1. Each workspace is given 10GB max. This is important to note that "the amount of uncompressed data on the gateway client should not exceeded the limit of 10 GB" while refreshing the dataset on Power BI Service.

2. Each dataset within workspace can be max 1GB

@ashwindd It is the accumulated size of whatever you have in the Service. Whether this is one dataset/report/dashboard or a whole bunch. A few things to point out.

1) The "data" is compressed substantially

2) The GB usage is not just data, it includes reports/dashboards etc.

3) You get a fresh 10GB with every Group workspace. Group workspaces should really be part of the solution regardless as it keeps the reports in a shared location for multiple report authors. This also provides you a mechanism to break out the different areas of reporting and have 10GB for each area.

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Hi @ashwindd,


Do we get 10GB space for every workspace we create or combining all workspace adding up to 10GB is allocated.
If each workspace can have 10 GB then how we can say accumulated size is 10GB.
Can you please clear my above mentioned query

@mwadhwani Each workspace can be 10GB regardless of how it is consumed within that workspace, the accumulation reference is within the confines of that workspace. There is no limit to number of workspaces (ie, 10GB x #of Workspaces)

Looking for more Power BI tips, tricks & tools? Check out the site I co-own with Mike Carlo. Also, if you are near SE WI? Join our PUG Milwaukee Brew City PUG



Hello @Seth_C_Bauer @ashwindd @mwadhwani  ,


With Power BI Pro , we are entitled to 1GB of Model Space ( data ) and 10 GB as accumulated data space ( Reports ,datasets ,dashboards ).


We can understand that there can many workspaces and understandably so but 10 GB of acculualted data for every workspace may lead to usage of extensive accumulated space .(For Ex : 10 Workspace will have limit to 10*10 GB = 100 GB independently ).


Does this contradict the Power BI Pro lisence on 10 GB limit (as mentioned by Microsoft) and corresponding commercials ??


Regards ,


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My research on the limits. If you are using shared capacity then you have:

- 10 GB per user (independently of the workspace that you are saving to)
- 10 GB max size of workspace (independently of which user is saving)
- 1 GB per dataset


But when saving to workspaces that are tied to a Premium capacity none of these limits apply -so a user for example can save 5 GB to these workspaces and still have 10 GB for saving to Shared capacity workspaces.







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