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Power BI embedded in Salesforce (Error: Contain isn't available)


I followed below URL to embed PowerBI dashboard in the Salesforce VisualForce page. I successfully embedded my PBI visual into the Salesforce visualpage and I can view the PBI visual perfectly from the Salesforce. However, non-Power BI users(Salesforce user received below error message.


Below are my configuration:

1) I used Embed Power BI content with service principal and an application secret.

2) I am Power BI Pro user.

3) All our non-PBI license users are in same organization and using the same Azure Tenant AD.

4) I have granted all our users as members in the PBI workspace and share my report to all of them but still they cant view the contain.

I appreciated if someone can help me.



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @TerenceL ,


Are you using any RLS in your report ? if so did you add all the users in the RLS Security ?


You can also try debugging from the browser using F12 (Developer Option) to get some insights about which call gets failed and the reason.

Thank you Jayendran for your quick respond.


No, we didnt use any RLS for our report.


Looks like every one with Power BI pro licensed can view the report from VisualPage successfully but other (without PBI pro license) received this error message. Looks like something not set properly between PBI apps and PBI services?

Hi @TerenceL ,


I think you are using User owns data approach for the pbi embedding. Using this approach the embed token and the report can be viewed by the end users licensing, meaning your end users should have a proper powerbi pro licenses.


if you don't want to use this approach you can have dedicated service account/spn to embed your report. with this the end user license is not really needed. This is called Apps Owns Data

Thanks Jayendran.

I followed Apps Own Data steps provided as above and now even I(with PowerBI Pro license) received the Content isn't available. I have granted the service principal as admin in the respective workspace.


Below is my embed config:


var embedConfiguration = {

type: 'report',
tokenType: 1,
id: selectedReport,

embedUrl: '',

settings: {

filterPaneEnabled: true,

navContentPaneEnabled: true



powerbi.accessToken = '{!PBIaccess_token}';

var element = document.getElementById('myReport');

var report = powerbi.embed(element, embedConfiguration);




Also, it worked perfectly from "PowerBIEmbedded_AppOwnsData.sln" with my application secret.


From the F12, I received below error message. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()


Thanks again for your quick respond. 🙂

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